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Managing Arrears

Our sole focus is to assist you to manage, and if necessary, collect your outstanding body’s corporate levies in the most timely and efficient manner possible. We provide services ancillary to the collection service, but levy collection is what we are about first and foremost.

Your strata manager probably does a lot to try and manage arrears for your complex. These steps can include:

  1. With the body’s corporate consent introducing penalty interest. Pursuant to the Body Corporate and Community Management Act simple interest up to 2.5% per month can be charged on Levy arrears;
  2. Discounting for timely payments. Discounts of up to 20% are allowed under the legislation;
  3. Sending out notices and following up debtors by email, telephone and post;

Sometimes however no matter how much effort the committee and the manager make, the owner cannot or will not pay. That is where Strata Legal Queensland and Shane McLean come to the fore.

We provide a levy collection service unmatched in Queensland. Our whole law firm is aimed exclusively at helping bodies corporate collect their arrears.

Shane McLean, Aldo Burgio, Jessie Song and Callum France, highly qualified lawyers with degrees from their respective state’s leading universities are focused totally on collecting the debt in full. We aim to do this without disrupting the harmony of the strata community more than is absolutely necessary.

Our focus is commercial in that payment in full is what we achieve but common sense and empathy still play an important role in our process.

If you are a manager or a committee member who would like to discuss how it is that we are so successful at what we do and what we can do for your complex, please give Shane McLean a call. He will be delighted to discuss it with you and if required we can provide referees from other strata managers happy to sing our praises.

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