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We service the greater Queensland region. With clients from Cairns to Burleigh Heads and from Toowoomba to Townsville.

The Best Solution for Recovering Overdue Strata Levies

Our story starts with Shane McLean, who back then was part of a firm in the Whitsundays for its solid work in property and commercial law. It wasn’t until local strata managers pointed out Shane’s knack for efficiently collecting levies — doing it better than anyone else around — that the lightbulb went off.

Why not dive deep into this niche? And that’s exactly what we did.

Fast forward to today, and we’ve grown our focus solely on helping strata managers across Queensland keep their finances healthy by recovering unpaid levies.

It’s more than just a job for us; it’s the thing we’re passionate about and, frankly, really good at.

Here's why our clients trust us:

At Strata Legal Queensland, we’re a bit different.

Yes, we’re here to recover debts, but more than that, we’re here to offer peace of mind and to support the communities we work within.

We’d love to chat about how we can make strata levy recovery smoother for you.

Why Choose Strata Legal Queensland?

Our team is packed with experts who tailor solutions to fit your needs perfectly, ensuring everything is straightforward and easy to understand.

Transparency, clear communication, and a laser focus on results are what we live by.

Our aim? To help you excel and make your communities thrive.

With a stellar track record, consider us more than just your law firm — we’re your partners in success.

Unmatched Expertise

Specialising solely in strata debt collection allows us to offer an unrivaled depth of knowledge that generic legal firms can’t match. We don’t just understand the complexities; we have mastered our processes to ensure your body corporates receive the best outcomes.

Proven Results

Our extensive experience translates into tangible results for your community. We have been serving the Queensland community and have effectively recovered over 10,000 debts.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We’ve developed streamlined processes designed to minimize delays and eliminate unnecessary expenses effectively. By focusing on cost-effectiveness, we aim to provide solutions that not only address immediate concerns but also contribute to long-term financial stability.

Unpaid levies disrupt cash flow, compromise maintenance schedules, and strain a scheme's financial health. Speak to us about strategies for managing strata debtors effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is strata law?

Strata law governs the management and ownership of property divisions with multiple owners, such as apartments, units, and townhouses, focusing on the legal framework for shared spaces and individual lots.

Strata Legal Queensland focuses on debt collection of unpaid strata levies. If you are a body corporate or strata manager that needs help with their unpaid debts, we can help.

Changing or creating bylaws requires a special resolution vote by the body corporate.

Lot owners have the right to use and enjoy their property and common property, subject to the scheme’s bylaws. Responsibilities include paying body corporate fees, complying with bylaws, and maintaining their lot.

Body corporate fees cover the costs of managing and maintaining common property, insurance, and administrative expenses. Fees vary by scheme and are determined by the body corporate’s annual budget.

A body corporate is an organization of all the owners in a strata scheme, responsible for managing common property, enforcing bylaws, and handling administrative tasks. Its decisions are made through committee meetings and general meetings.

Before purchasing, review the property’s body corporate records, including bylaws, minutes of meetings, and financial statements, to understand your potential obligations and rights. 

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